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Australian Cost Estimating software available now: APEX, Sherpa Surface, and Sherpa Underground
AMCG 2013
The Australian Metal Cost Guide (AMCG) is now available
ACCG 2013
The Australian Coal Cost Guide (ACCG) is now available.
30 Years CostMine
Celebrating 30 Years of Mining Cost Service!

R2Mining - Australasian CostMine Centre

R2Mining delivers world class mine cost estimating data to the mining industry by providing products and services in Australia and Asia.

R2Mining deals with customers around Australasia and our clients range from large mining consortiums to engineering and technology solutions providers to small businesses within the mining consultancy.

Our research team drives on its extensive background in mine planning, cost estimating, and project evaluation to understand your cost data needs. We know the demands placed upon you when you are asked to prepare a cost estimate. Our publications and software are designed to help you meet those demands.

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